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My name is Enrique Cruz, and I am the owner of MicroScalpSolutions. I have been improving people's looks for 10 years now as a barber, I want to bring my experience and eye for extreme detail and precision to the scalp micro pigmentation industry. In this journey, I wanted to be trained and become certified by one of the best SMP clinics. So I chose Jesse Lima at 6emp in Florida so I will be able to provide the best quality SMP to my clients here in Rochester, New York, and all over the world. As I and many others have struggled with confidence and living in this century being all about your appearance SMP is taking over the world as the number one hair loss solution because of its affordability and guaranteed natural results done by the right artist.

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Why Choose Us

Here at Microscalpsolutions, your specialist Enrique Cruz has been a professional barber for the past 10 years providing great service by changing people’s look and confidence with only a haircut. My experience and background as a barber prior to becoming an SMP artist separates me from other SMP companies. As I truly understand the different types of hairlines and hairstyles that suit each individual’s different facial structure and head shape. With scalp micro-pigmentation being a highly skilled form of art I’m devoted to working with you to achieve a hairline and look most natural and suitable for your hair loss solution. Not only am I devoted to working to achieve the best results but I also take pride in using the top products on the market. From the needles I use to perfectly replicate hair follicles to the ink being used coming from natural and organic products will give you the confidence in trusting me with your SMP procedure. Don’t wait and call for a free consultation today to take a step forward on receiving a life-changing procedure that will combat hair loss immediately and will have your confidence fully restored.

If you have no hair

If you have uneven patches of hair

If you have thin / sparse hair

If you have scars on your beard, sideburns

SMP is ideal for:

  • Hair loss for men – Male pattern baldness
  • Receding hairline
  • Alopecia
  • Hair loss for women – Thinning hair
  • Hair transplant scars and other scars

SMP At Micro Scalp Solutions

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